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Patient Safety & Education Pearls

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

Patient safety and education is a priority at #MAINTENANCE. Read these 5 pearls before considering non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

1. SKIN CANCER? If you have a history of skin cancer, or any suspicious or changing lesion(s), you should be cleared by general dermatology before initiating any aesthetic skin treatments and be seen regularly for follow-up.

2. SKIN CARE! Comprehensive, not complex, skincare and sun protection are very important to achieve and maintain best results. This includes both for pre/post-treatments, as well as daily regimens.

3. NO SUBSTITUTE FOR SURGERY. There are inherent limitations of non-surgical treatments and no substitute for surgery. Make sure you are informed on both surgical and non-surgical options to address your aesthetic concern before investing your time and money.

4. NO SUCH THING AS NO RISK. Non-surgical does not mean no risk. Advocate for yourself and ask questions! Before undergoing a treatment, make sure that you understand why it was recommended for you, the possible risks, anticipated benefits and appropriate alternatives of the selected treatment(s), as well any off-label uses. Furthermore, make sure that you trust your provider and know their qualifications; as with any medical treatment, side effects and complications can occur, and you should feel comfortable communicating any concerns. **Ask questions on the difference between FDA-approval and FDA-clearance, level of evidence on medical devices, including availability of long-term safety data.

5. MAINTENANCE. Make sure to follow-up with recommended MAINTENANCE treatments, and have an updated evaluation and discussion with your provider annually, or as otherwise recommended to you. Aesthetic medicine is dynamic field with evolving technologies and scientific understanding, and, over time, treatment recommendations may #change based on current #evidence. ​

What do you want to MAINTAIN? #mymaintenance

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