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Support to Change the Conversation

Updated: May 4, 2019

At MLA, we strive to help you to maintain the you that you love, so, naturally, we were incredibly excited to see the traction that is gaining to ban the use of the term 'anti-aging' in major publications, such as Allure magazine.

Beyond the negative connotations of the concept, trying to accomplish generalized 'anti-aging' is vague, and, in our opinion, mostly unwarranted. We find that most patients are very happy with their overall appearance, and, often, have only minor aesthetic complaints that are generally related to skin texture and tone, as well as volumetric changes associated with aging. Furthermore, we have noticed a tremendous increase in younger individuals seeking consultation for preventative measures they can take to #maintain their overall health and beauty.

It's a nice departure from the thought that getting older is bad; while most people know the famous Benjamin Franklin quote "...in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes,” 'aging' might ought to be considered to be added to the idiom. Instead of trying to ward it off, let's celebrate aging and all of the life that accompanies it.

Effectively targeting objective #aesthetic concerns, such as fine and coarse wrinkles, laxity, pore size, and pigmentation, as well as doing little things along the way to help maintain results is the primary goal of our individualized treatment and maintenance plans, as well as a primary focus for updated clinical research to support #evidence-based practice.

I think that we do a great job at Maintenance LA to redefine the meaning of 'aging gracefully,' and completely support the efforts to #change the conversation on aging.

What do you want to MAINTAIN? #mymaintenance

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